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The cover story shows or includes some of the skills needed in restoration. It demonstrates the need for knowledge of the materials used, the characteristics of the wood used in the veneer, the characteristics and limitations of the traditional Scotch glue used, the importance of the need to conserve what can be saved and the minimal impact employed to avoid changing what is good, a knowledge of the effects of bleaching to remove stains, correction of colour of the bared wood and subsequent adjustment of colour and finish to the French Polish and the importance of removal of blisters in the veneer and undulations in the base material. It further demonstrates the importance of the overall look of the piece of furniture without destroying the years of developed patina.

Other commissions will show other required skills in the restoration and repair of: Cane, Dutch cord and Rush seating; Wood carving; Clock main springs; Fretwork; Handles, Locks, Keys, Hinges and Metalwork, (including casting new brass fittings); Inlay materials like Boulle, Mother of pearl, Ivory, Brass, Tortoiseshell and decorative wood banding; Mirrors; Complex structural components and joints; Upholstery springs, Seating and covers; Leather; Woodturning; Woodworm damage; even Rope and rope splicing.

Occasionally complete new pieces have to be made as a copy of accompanying pieces and here there is inclusion of a Chair to make up a set of six where one had been lost and of a complete Chaise Longue made to order. These pieces and others, made by the Cabinetmaker and Upholsterer will be displayed here as this site develops.

Sadly photos of the straightening and re-wiring of an Italian brass Chandelier are not of good enough quality to display on this site.